Where To Find And How To Sell Digital Product


A digital product is a non-tangible asset or item that exists in digital form, typically accessible and deliverable through electronic means.  They are not physical goods and are easily available online. They comprise of  a wide variety of offerings, including software, e-books, online courses, digital art, music, videos, templates, and more. As the digital world continues to evolve, digital products play a very important role in different industries, giving creative solutions and opportunities for young creators, entrepreneurs and customers as well.


  1. Software and Application:-
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software
  • Web Applications

2. Digital art And Graphics:-

  • Graphic Design Assets
  • Stock Photos
  • Digital Illustrations

3. Digital Marketing Products:-

  • Ad Templates
  • SEO Software
  • Analytics Tools

4. Digital Games and Entertainment:-

  • Video Games
  • Virtual Reality Experiences
  • In-game Purchases

5. Subscription Services:-

  • Streaming Services
  • Digital Services
  • Saas

6. Templates and Design Assets:

  • Websites Themes
  • Canva Templates
  • Presentation Templates

7. Online courses :-

  • Video Courses
  • Webinars
  • Interactive Lessons


There are many online platforms to find digital products where creators and sellers offer a huge range of digital goods. Here’s where you can find DIGITAL PRODUCTS:-

  • Online Platforms like Etsy, Amazon and eBay have a different and dedicated section for digital products. Search for categories like Digital downloads, E-books, etc.
  • Social media platforms are a very helpful in finding digital products. Creators usually promote and sell digital products through there social media account. Check out Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter(Now known as X) for links to their online stores.
  • Subscription services which provide access to a wide range of online courses and digital learning materials. Consider subscribing to platform like Skillshare or Udemy.
  • Digital art Platform have a huge variety of digital art and graphics. Websites like Devianart and Behance often feature artist who offer their creation for download or purchase.
  • Blogs and websites are best way to sell your digital product online. Explore websites related to your interest and look for digital product section to buy them.


To sell a digital product online you either need a landing page or a E commerce platform to sell your digital product. If you don’t have a landing page don’t worry because I got you. You can use Cosmofeed to sell your product. Are you ready to start earning money online. If yes than here’s how you can do it :

  1. Sign up : Go to Cosmofeed and sign up filling all the necessary details.
  2. Select Payment page feature: Go to the products section on the left and select the payment page option to  sell your digital product
  3. Upload your digital product: Upload your product files and add a attractive and appealing  description.
  4. Set up pricing: Give the pricing according to you, including one time purchase or subscription plans.
  5. Customize your page: Edit your product page with Images, Branding and any Additional details.
  6. Hit publish: Your digital product is now live and available for purchase. Now share your link with your customer and earn money.

By:- Abhiraj Agrawal

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